Many American kids don’t start visiting a pediatric dentist until they are several years old. By this time, potential dental problems may already have started to develop. The young ones may also have anxiety about their first dental appointment, making the visit more challenging than it should be.

If you’re wondering when is the right time for your child to visit a Charlotte dentist, you are not alone.

Watch Out for the First Tooth

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that a child visit a dental professional when their primary or baby teeth start to appear. It is essential to take care of baby teeth from the very start, because these can have a huge influence on a child’s lifelong oral health.

First Visit Dentist

For starters, baby teeth help children maintain excellent nutrition by chewing properly. These are also important in speech development. In addition, baby teeth help save space for the arrival of permanent teeth later on.

A healthy smile also develops a child’s confidence. The very first visit to the dentist is not only vital for a child, but also presents a great chance for parents to understand and learn how to properly care for their kid’s teeth.

Preparing Your Little One

Another advantage of taking a child to the dentist early is that they are often too young to be anxious yet. However, it is still crucial to make that visit a pleasant one to set the tone for succeeding visits. A sneak preview can be helpful tool here: take your kid with you on your next checkup so they can see the process for themselves.

Playtime is another good idea: taking turns pretending to be dentist and patient, then check each other’s teeth using a mirror to familiarize them with how a dental examination feels. On the day itself, make sure your child is well-rested so they remain comfortable and relaxed during the visit.

Finally, find a pediatric dentist in Charlotte, NC that practices gentle dentistry. A caring, tender, and kind bedside manner from the dentists and staff will go a long way towards setting your child at ease and creating a positive experience. Coupled with the latest dental technology, this combination will help ensure that your kid enjoys a beautiful and healthy smile right from the start.


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