Cosmetic dentistry is a popular way to help both young people and adults improve the quality of their lives, and smiles. This type of dentistry provides a wide range of dental procedures from whitening and bonding to veneers. Its goal is to bring back the teeth’s natural beauty by removing stains, closing gaps, or fixing damages and overbite, among others.  A professional cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC can perform these procedures.

While you still have to talk to your dentist before going through any procedure, there are signs that may indicate the need for need cosmetic dentistry.

You Lack Self-Confidence

Do you find it hard to socialize because you’re ashamed of your smile and teeth? Many people get anxious about the way their teeth look, making them uncomfortable when smiling for photos, meeting new people, and mingling with the crowd. In this case, it’s not just a dental issue anymore, as it affects a person’s social life and self-confidence. Cosmetic dentistry, however, can fix this problem. Dental procedures can remove teeth stains, or fill unsightly gaps. This way, you can regain confidence so you can participate in social activities and just go out there smiling and living your life to the fullest.

You Have Damaged Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for enhancing the looks of your teeth, as a dentist in Charlotte, NC may say. It’s also for protecting your oral health which can be affected by untreated damage to your teeth. For instance, a chipped or cracked tooth, if left ignored, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Such bacteria will then get deeper into your tooth, causing infection that can be painful. This can get even worse to the point that your heart can be affected by widespread systemic infection. This is why you need to address any damage to your teeth as early as possible.

Your Face Changes Shape

Dental problems can cause your face to look older than you really are. This is because infections or missing teeth can result in bone loss that changes the contours of your face. When jaw tissues “melt away” due to a dental infection or oral injury, your mouth will appear to over-close, which then ages your face.

These signs should never be ignored. Otherwise, they can get worse and give you and your dentist a harder time to treat them. It’s best to go to your dentist for regular check-ups to catch dental problems early on.


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