Root Canal Treatments in Charlotte

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When your teeth have cavities or are decayed, it is important to save them than to take them out and leave empty spaces. Root canal therapy can be performed in Charlotte by one of our experienced doctors so there is no need for you to get your partially damaged or decayed tooth removed from the root up. Root canal treatment is not a cause of pain but is a means to provide relief from it.

Know the Tooth, the Whole Tooth

The white enamel layer is that which is visible from outside and under it is the dentin. But under this layer of dentin, soft tissue called the pulp is present. The pulp is made of nerves, connective tissue and blood vessels which help the root of your tooth grow in development stages. Without the pulp, a grown tooth can also be supported and nourished by the tissues that surround it.

When your tooth suffers from decay, cavities and infections and inflammation to the dental pulp, you will need to undergo root canal therapy. During this root canal therapy your dentist will use the state of the art tools to save your tooth from extraction. There is no need to use any implants since the outer tooth is still intact.

Root Canal Therapy Procedure in Charlotte, NC

The Root Canal Therapy procedure

If your pulp has been infected or inflamed along with decay in the crown (upper part of your tooth), the root canal procedure will save you from having it painfully removed. During a root canal treatment your dentist will numb the area of your mouth with anesthetic and isolate the tooth so that it remains clean and dry using a small shield.

The dentist then makes an opening in the tooth’s crown till the pulp is visible. You won’t feel any pain during the root canal therapy because the area will be numb. Disinfecting fluid is placed in your canals to reduce the inflammation and kill any infectious bacteria and remove any waste matter from the pulp.

The pulp itself and any infectious bacteria along with it, is removed and the canal is left behind, cleaned up and shaped to allow the roots to be filled with guttapercha (a material similar in look and feel, to rubber) and sealed. A temporary filling that will be removed on your next visit to the dentist is placed on your tooth and you’re done.

Guidelines for after Root Canal treatment

The whole root canal treatment procedure takes about 2 hours. In the meanwhile, you will be asked to have softer foods (nothing too hot or cold) and avoid biting or chewing from the tooth that has undergone root canal so that no damage is done. It’s normal for some part of the temporary filling layer to come off, but if you feel that it has come out completely, contact the dentist immediately. Brush and floss normally as you would.

The next time you visit your root canal dentist in Charlotte, you will be there for a crown or filling to finish the tooth. Your tooth will be saved and be used like all your other teeth. Same bite sensation, effective chewing etc.

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