Pediatric Dentistry

Help Make your Child’s Dental health better

These services allow us to make sure your child has the best dental health overall:

We’ve heard it for ages. The mouth gives a sneak peek into the health of the rest of the body. With pediatric dentistry in Charlotte, you can help us improve your child’s dental health and tell them why it’s important to adopt healthy eating and brushing habits. If these habits are inculcated in them from a very early age the chances of them leading a healthier life down the road increase. At our pediatric dental office in Charlotte, we provide quality dental care to children of over 3 years of age.

  1. Tooth Cleaning

    Teeth can get dirty with plaque and other impurities that can’t be removed with brushing as they harden. Our pediatric dentist will use specialized tools to help remove tartar and plaque from the teeth. The instruments used utilize rapid motion and water to clean the teeth from the surface to the roots.

  2. White Fillings for teeth that have cavities

    When your kid has a cavity and the tooth is not permanent, getting it removed is the best solution. When it’s a permanent tooth however, you may need to have it filled with white resin. This resin uses a mix of plastic and glass to fill in the spaces after removing the cavity. The filling resembles the teeth.

  3. Fluoride Application

    Fluoride application or fluoride therapy is when fluoride varnish is used to give your kid’s teeth that nice and bright shine. Our pediatric dentist in Charlotte will be able to give your kid the smile that will make them the star of every class and the winner of the best teeth award that year at school.

  4. Nitrous oxide sedation where appropriate

    Nitrous oxide sedation is used when the procedure being done is extremely painful such as a root canal or filling. It uses nitrous oxide — which is a safe sedative — in gaseous form which is inhaled through a mask that fits snuggly over your child’s nose or mouth and allows them to relax during a painful procedure. It’s called laughing gas due to its effects afterwards. Rest assured these are not harmful effects.

  5. Orthodontic screenings

    Orthodontic screening are tests that allow your child to be eligible for braces so that their teeth are in perfect alignment and work better. These tests allow your child to qualify for braces and other devices for getting better looking and functioning teeth.

  6. Using Sealants

    Usually the permanent back teeth (premolar and molar) have grooves that are narrower than the bristles of a brush. This makes difficult-to-clean plaque gather on these permanent teeth, making them prone to decay. Our pediatric dental clinic in Charlotte offers the use of sealants — plastic coating — that cover the chewing surface of permanent molars and premolars. These help protect them from decay.

Schedule a consultation appointment with us today to get your child’s dental health back on track with pediatric dentistry in Charlotte.


Andy Elliottthree week ago
Dr. Dancausse is great! Cracked a tooth over the weekend, called first thing Monday morning, got an appointment at noon. Saw Dr. D and he put a plan in place to fix my problem. Can’t ask for better service!
Larry Thomasthree week ago

The staff and the doctors are wonderful!!! They are very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Dr. McNulty & Dancausse.

Libby Williamsa month ago

My dentist and his assistant rock! I would highly recommend them.., they are gentle… kind… funny and real .. all at the same time .. if you don’t have a dentist …. strongly recommend this practice! I never wait more than Five minutes tops….their office is super clean and super efficient.

Lisa Guntera month ago

I came in today with sensitivity and was in and out in 15 minutes. Dr. McNulty was quick, efficient, and informative with next steps. I appreciate the care he provides and assistants are always smiling and helpful too.

Mark Hoffmana month ago

Feels like Family! Friendly, Professional and Comfortable Dental Experience For My Kids And I!! Highest Possible Recommendation!!





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