Inlays and Onlays

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Smile Bright Once Again With Inlays & Outlays

Everyone deserves to smile whole heartedly but often. Dental decays and irregularities can keep you from outshining with a wide grin. If your teeth have mild, moderate or fractured teeth that aren’t damaged to the extent of needing a crown and have too much damage to be treated with using a filling then inlays and onlays might just be the cosmetic dentistry tools you need to restore your beauty to your teeth so you can smile wide once again.

Both inlays and onlays are composite porcelain fillings that will last up to 30 years, strengthen your teeth by up to 75% (which traditional metal fillings fails to achieve) and can prolong tooth life by preventing possible dental treatments in future. They are much better than metal fillings because metal filings actually reduce the tooth’s strength by 50% while inlays and onlays strengthen it further.

Distinction between Inlays and Outlays

A dental inlay is typically used to fill the space between the cusps at the center of the tooth’s surface while a dental onlay covers one or more cusps. In fact, onlays can even cover the entire biting surface. Both of them make your teeth look flawless! Onlays tend to be more durable can be made from gold, composite resin or porcelain. The skilled dentists at Charlotte make sure that you experience next to no pain during the process of restoring your dental beauty with inlays and onlays.

Here’s how Inlays and Onlays are carried out

Both, inlays and onlays are performed using similar procedures and require two appointments. In the first appointment, you dentist in Charlotte will numb the area where the inlays and onlays are to be placed with local anesthesia. Then, the decayed part of the tooth is removed, preparing the area for inlay and onlay placement. The dentist will get an impression of the damaged tooth using a dental putty mold which will be used to create an inlay or outlay to fit into the damaged region seamlessly.

The dentist will place a temporary restoration to protect the targeted tooth until the second appointment.

In the second appointment, the restoration will be removed and the dentist will place the inlay or outlay and ensure it fits like a puzzle piece. If it fits perfectly, the dentist will bond the inlay or outlay to your teeth with a strong adhesive and finally, a polish is applied to finish the inlay and outlay treatment to have your teeth look picture perfect!

Consult your dentist and set up an appointment to ensure your teeth are in the best condition so you can smile with pride and confidence!


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