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Having a great smile is important and for that, you need great teeth. We here, at M&D (McNulty & Dancausse), provide a broad range of options to our patients, including cosmetic, family, pediatric and general dentistry in Charlotte NC. All these options make sure your teeth are strong and healthy and you get to enjoy life and smile at every chance you get without feeling guilty or embarrassed.

Dr. Brian Mc Nulty is our first dentist who was born in New England. He has studied at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and got his degree in Dental surgery in 1981. He has never looked back since. He has a naval dentistry experience from US Navy Dental Corps in Norfolk, VA.

He practices general and pediatric dentistry in Charlotte NC, because he feels motivated by the number of different procedures he can do and the patients he interacts with, both young and old. He attends workshops and other continuing education programs to stay updated with the latest skills and tech.

Second is Dr. Luis Dancausse, from Greensboro, who graduated from UNC School of Dentistry in 1995. He now keeps up-to-date with technologies and advancements in the dentistry field and loves interacting with his patients. He was also voted the top dentist by Charlotte magazine for the years 2011, 2012 and 2013.

 What we offer you:

Here are the dental procedures we can perform for you.

  1. Dental Crowns

    Dental crowns are fixed artificial crowns that are fixed on top of a regular damaged or broken crown. Our general dentist performs this procedure – cleaning and fixing — in Charlotte, allowing protection to your remaining tooth.

  2. Dental Bridges

    Like crowns, dental bridges are attached to the tooth and can only be removed by a dentist. They can be made of porcelain and can be used to fill in the gaps that may be filled in by other teeth shifting into awkward positions inside your mouth.

  3. Teeth Whitening

    Stains and discoloration of teeth can happen through consumption of coffee and junk food. Teeth whitening is a procedure that a general dentist in Charlotte can do for you so that your teeth appear brighter than ever. Your enamel thickness (genetics influence this) and the dentin combined determine the color of your teeth (the extent of brightness) when light bounces off it.

  4. Veneers

    These custom shells designed to mimic the appearance of your teeth improve their look. They’re made of porcelain and cover the front surface of your teeth to make them appear shinier.

  5. Dental Implant Restoration

    To replace your permanent tooth that has been taken out, dental implants can be used to support the new tooth that has to be placed there. Over time this can deteriorate. Out dentists can restore the dental implant so that it is as good as new.

  6. Dentures or Partials

    Teeth may fall due to old age, eating too much candy or even due to a lot of stress. That’s when a row of artificial teeth is best used. If there are some teeth left in your jaw, you can also have partial dentures custom-made to account for those teeth.

  7. Dental Fillings

    These fillings allow you to have different material fillings for your teeth after cavities are removed. Some of the materials used include silver, glass ionomers, gold inlays, porcelain and composite material.

  8. Composite Bonding

    Composite bonding is when you have lost your tooth and a composite resin is used in the shape of that missing tooth so that you have better teeth overall. It is used as a solution to chipped, stained or partially broken teeth.

You can schedule an appointment for consultation with us at our general dental office in Charlotte to have any of these procedures done.


Andy Elliottthree week ago

Dr. Dancausse is great! Cracked a tooth over the weekend, called first thing Monday morning, got an appointment at noon. Saw Dr. D and he put a plan in place to fix my problem. Can’t ask for better service!

Larry Thomasthree week ago

The staff and the doctors are wonderful!!! They are very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Dr. McNulty & Dancausse.

Libby Williamsa month ago

My dentist and his assistant rock! I would highly recommend them.., they are gentle… kind… funny and real .. all at the same time .. if you don’t have a dentist …. strongly recommend this practice! I never wait more than Five minutes tops….their office is super clean and super efficient.

Lisa Guntera month ago

I came in today with sensitivity and was in and out in 15 minutes. Dr. McNulty was quick, efficient, and informative with next steps. I appreciate the care he provides and assistants are always smiling and helpful too.

Mark Hoffmana month ago

Feels like Family! Friendly, Professional and Comfortable Dental Experience For My Kids And I!! Highest Possible Recommendation!!





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