Dental Fillings in Charlotte, NC

At times, it’s necessary to use fillings to repair tooth decay, tooth fractures, or to prevent deeply impacted teeth from cavities and disease by closing off the spaces where bacteria can enter the tooth.ndless

It can get frustrating to know that your teeth are not perfectly shaped, are chipped or have cavities. This is especially true if you have an image in your circle that you must maintain. The same goes for when you need to give interviews during a job hunt. We at M&D offer tooth-colored fillings in Charlotte so you don’t have to worry about having chipped, fractured, broken or misshaped teeth.

When do you need fillings?

Tooth-colored filings are needed when you need to fix fractured or misshaped teeth which might have happened due to a fight or an accident. Bad teeth can leave a nasty impression on people about you. The functionality of your teeth may also reduce in some cases.

Dental fillings can also be used for making the appearance of your teeth better by closing in the gaps and changing the color of your teeth. The procedure can make those two rows of pearly whites have a fuller and evened out look, giving you that million dollar smile you need.

What should you expect when you go for tooth-colored fillings?

Dental Fillings in Charlotte NC

When you go for dental fillings, you can expect to be met with the highest manner of professionalism from our dentists. When you sit for the white fillings procedure in Charlotte, you can expect the dentist to skillfully remove the dead and decayed matter, if there is any, from your teeth. This is the enamel that cannot be salvaged and will be replaced by the tooth colored filling themselves. You will of course not feel any pain since you will be given an anesthetic for it which will last for the duration of the procedure.

This white fillings procedure in Charlotte will replace your tooth with the composite material (glass, metal and plastic/porcelain) that will appear similar to your tooth. They bond to your tooth for extra strength support but take longer to fit and refine. This means it will take longer to complete the dental fillings procedure. It will take around an hour or so, including the preparation and cleaning of your existing teeth.

What materials can be used in the dental fillings in Charlotte?

The dental fillings procedure in Charlotte can use many materials for the fillings themselves.

There can be silver amalgam fillings that count as metal fillings. These fillings can be just as durable as gold ones if cared for properly. You will have chewing strength due to the durability of the silver composite material. It may be slightly off from the natural tooth color but is more durable than other options. It’s better for people who want strong, durable teeth without paying the price for gold.

The porcelain and composite (glass ionomer) fillings are also quite good. The porcelain one retains its color longer than composite ones. The lifespan of these is around 15 years but they can be expensive and abrasive. Glass ionomer strengthens teeth as it can produce fluoride which may strengthen your teeth but last around 5 years.

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