Family Dentistry

Though children and adults have different dental needs, at McNulty & Dancausse, we treat them all. From toddlers to grandparents, we take care of the entire family! Our comprehensive family dentistry care includes regular cleanings, fillings when needed, and healthy gum care.

Family Dentistry in Charlotte, NC

Family Dentistry in Charlotte, NC - professional family dental care

While adults and children have similar teeth structure, they have different dental needs. Children’s teeth are not fully formed. They require particular care when treating periodontal diseases, and our doctors who specialize in family dentistry in Charlotte, NC are fully aware of this fact.

At McNulty & Dancausse, we have dental experts that specialize in both pediatric and general dentistry. They have specialized education and training that allows them to treat the entire family. You can benefit from a full range of family dental care at our clinic in Charlotte that is suitable for patients of all age groups. Some of the services offered at our family dental clinic for the families include the following:

Dental Exams

Dental exams are performed by experienced dental doctors at our Charlotte family dental practice. In order to ensure strong and healthy gums, it’s important to get a dental checkup at least once a year. Our doctors thoroughly check each of the teeth to look for signs of any disease.

Using angled mirror and metal probe, they look for gum swelling, tooth decay, tartar buildup, or any other discrepancy on the upper and lower jaw. By inspecting your teeth, our doctors can determine the exact problem and treat the condition thereby preventing potential harm!


Our doctors also offer dental cleaning services to remove the buildup of plaque and tartar from the teeth. They use specialized equipment to remove bacterial deposit from your teeth. In addition, teeth polishing is done to remove stains and plaque. Regular cleaning will prevent gum inflammation, gingivitis, and other dental diseases.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants to make a good impression on others. And one of the most effective ways is through a smile–not just any smile, but one that displays your perfectly white teeth. That’s where our cosmetic dental services can be of a great help. Our experienced dental doctors can help improve the appearance of your tooth through different technicians, including gum grafting, teeth whitening, bonding, veneer implants, and dental bridges to name just a few.

Restorative Dental Surgery

Our experienced dentists can perform restorative dental surgery. They have received advanced training in full mouth reconstruction. Using the latest modern dental equipment, doctors can perform safe and effective dental surgery. Our dental experts use a precise series of face measurements to restore the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Visit Professional Family Dentists in Charlotte Today!

Our talented team of dental doctors at McNulty & Dancausse family dental center can treat both adults and children. Whether you want to enhance your smile with proclaim veneers or restore your tooth through a dental implant, you can count on experienced and highly knowledgeable dentists at our Charlotte dental clinic. You should visit our family dental office in Charlotte today for a dental exam. For more information about our family dentistry in Charlotte, NC you can call (704) 596-3186, or send us an email at


Andy Elliottthree week ago
Dr. Dancausse is great! Cracked a tooth over the weekend, called first thing Monday morning, got an appointment at noon. Saw Dr. D and he put a plan in place to fix my problem. Can’t ask for better service!
Larry Thomasthree week ago
The staff and the doctors are wonderful!!! They are very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Dr. McNulty & Dancausse.
Libby Williamsa month ago

My dentist and his assistant rock! I would highly recommend them.., they are gentle… kind… funny and real .. all at the same time .. if you don’t have a dentist …. strongly recommend this practice! I never wait more than Five minutes tops….their office is super clean and super efficient.

Lisa Guntera month ago

I came in today with sensitivity and was in and out in 15 minutes. Dr. McNulty was quick, efficient, and informative with next steps. I appreciate the care he provides and assistants are always smiling and helpful too.

Mark Hoffmana month ago

Feels like Family! Friendly, Professional and Comfortable Dental Experience For My Kids And I!! Highest Possible Recommendation!!





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