Electronic Toothbrush VS Manual Toothbrush
Preventative dental care more or less works on the same principle as that of any other preventative medicine because it involves taking small steps regularly in order to prevent serious problems from developing in your gums or teeth that might require major corrective steps to address the problem.

Brushing every day, twice a day is the crux of preventative dental care. It entails brushing daily, flossing daily, avoiding foods that cause tooth decay, replacing the toothbrush and seeing a dentist regularly. Speaking of toothbrushes, people use electric toothbrushes as well as manual ones, but does it really make a difference? Let’s find out.

Manual Toothbrush


A manual toothbrush is sufficient to keep your teeth well cleaned if you use the proper brushing technique. When done right, it only takes about 2 minutes to thoroughly clean your mouth with a manual tooth brush. Additionally, the variety available in manual toothbrushes is another big plus. If you have soft gums, go for soft bristles. Small mouth? Go for a small headed toothbrush. Children like the colors and multiple styles available too. It’s super easy to travel with a manual toothbrush; all you have to do is pack it in its case and you’re done. No battery required and no charging required. Manual toothbrushes are very inexpensive as well.


Manual tooth brushes require more hand work and unless you set yourself a timer for two minutes, you have to guess how long your brushing session is going to last.

Electronic Toothbrush


Studies have shown that electric toothbrushes are actually more effective in getting rid of gingivitis and plaque. They do a better cleaning job as well, with the battery powered bristles. All you have to do is place it at a 45⁰ angle and let it do what it does from there. Electric toothbrushes significantly reduce the work you have to do without compromising the cleaning. They have a built in timer, so you don’t waste time and know when your two minutes are up. Additionally, children have more fun with these because of less work required and the tickling sensation produced.


Electric toothbrushes are a lot more expensive than manual toothbrushes and require charging as well. You can break your electric toothbrush by dropping it so you have to be more careful. Also, when traveling, you need to pack the charger as well which may bulk up your luggage.

Are electric toothbrushes safe for children though?

They sure are safe for your kids. Just make sure you select one with soft bristles and of the right size so it reaches the back teeth as well. There are electric toothbrushes available for kids in different colors and designs. Kids love it because it takes a lot of efforts and hassle out of brushing.

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