For most people, dates aren’t complete without sharing a glass of wine to cap off the evening. A glass of wine is good and all, until you find out that its red hue left its mark on your teeth. Nothing ruins a perfectly white smile than a glass of wine, yet having wine-stained teeth can easily be avoided with these helpful tips from a cosmetic dentist.

Brush your teeth before going out with your date

It’s something that all dentists are telling you do, and it’s one thing you should never forget to do when going out. Other than to give you fresher breath, brushing your teeth before going out can be your first line of defense against wine stains. Dentists explain that your teeth might still have plaque or tartar, which can be magnets for wine stains. Red wine, dentists say, cling to the film of plaque, making the stain worse.

Have a glass of water in between sips

While enjoying your red wine, remember to sip water in between glasses. Not only does it help you avoid a hangover, but doing so can prevent wine stains from damaging your white smile.

Pair wine with high fiber foods

What’s a glass of wine without something to eat? Dentists suggest pairing a glass of wine with high fiber foods, including broccoli and potatoes, which can brush away any stains. Furthermore, munching on these foods increases the level of saliva in your mouth, which also helps ion removing stains from your teeth.

Opt for lip gloss instead

For your date night, skip that red lipstick and go for a dab of lip gloss instead. Lipsticks can come off while you eat and drink, and can even lead to disastrous results. Glosses, on the other hand, can act as a barrier between wine stains and your lips, thanks to its petroleum ingredient. Just remember to reapply your lip gloss after each glass of wine.

Say no to white wine

Others may think that, since white wine doesn’t have any color, it is a better a choice over red wine. Dentists, on the other hand, warn otherwise, as white wine can actually reduce the mineral content of your teeth. Thus, white wine can cause teeth erosion.

Don’t brush after drinking

Finally, after those glasses of wine, don’t rush to the bathroom to brush your teeth. The high acidity found on wine causes your teeth to be sensitive to abrasion, and brushing them may cause damage to the enamel.

Of course, if you want to look more stunning and be more confident with your smile, you can always go to a dentist offering a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services in Charlotte, NC.


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