Dental X-rays in Charlotte NC
Dental X-rays are an essential radiographic technique used by dentists to observe your dental health. Dental X-rays are usually performed by exposing your gums and teeth to low level of radiation which captures a very precise picture that the dentist can use to identify and locate any problems. Whether it is tooth decay or cavities, dental X-rays can make any of these underlying faults visible.

Quick & Easy Process

Dental X-rays are a pretty common tool used by dentists in Charlotte and all over to track the progress of a dental problem along with its treatment. Dental X-rays are quick and easy, and there are no complications or special preparation involved. All you have to do is make sure you brush your teeth before the appointment and you’re good to go. The X-ray machine will then be positioned alongside your head to capture some images of your mouth. Dental X-rays can be performed in a separate room or in the same room as other procedures.

Major Benefits

Digital X-rays allow dentists to detect things they wouldn’t have been able to detect otherwise. Compared to the old film X-ray, digital X-rays produce a much finer and high definition picture! A great analogy would be to compare black and white televisions with HD ones! Aside from output quality, digital X-rays actually use 70% less radiation than the traditional film x-rays and they take lesser time as well. Digital X-rays have also made the whole process of taking dental images less painful and a lot easier. Additionally, digital X-rays are environment friendly too!
Unlike the traditional film x-rays where you had to wait a long while to get to know the results, digital X-rays have cut the waiting period short, allowing your dentist to see what’s going on without any delay. So, getting your Dental X-ray done won’t take long and you’ll be free in no time.

For Kids and For Adults

There are different kinds of dental X-rays used in different conditions. These include bitewing, occlusal, palatal, panoramic and periapical. If you have children, it is important to monitor the growth of their teeth. Make an appointment with your dentist so they can use digital X-rays to monitor this growth, pull out any baby teeth that need to be pulled out or other treatments that are needed. It’s a good idea to get yourself a dental appointment at least once a year to ensure dental health.