While most individuals would normally go to orthodontists for their dental braces, a woman from the state of Washington thought she could have one by herself. Using colorless hairbands to create do-it-yourself braces, the woman reportedly closed a gap at the center of her front teeth in 44 days.


The six instructional videos she posted on YouTube to document her process reportedly went viral for having more than 100,000 views and earned a following. The medical community, however, is wary of this trend, stating that DIY braces come with immense risks such as severe damage to the teeth and gums even if the treatment may appear to be a success on the surface.

The American Association of Orthodontists recently issued a warning for consumers against the use of DIY braces, as such jury-rigged solutions would only bring more harm than good for the teeth. Moreover, the application of hairbands presents the danger of slipping which would cause infection or inflammation of the surrounding soft tissue.

Braces or any other kind of orthodontic treatment are only to be performed by a licensed orthodontist or dentist in Charlotte, NC, as such a professional will have adequate knowledge to diagnose and treat oral problems. Before even giving you the procedure, the dentist would examine the severity of your condition and determine if dental braces are the appropriate solution. The dentist is also responsible for educating you on the kind of food to avoid and proper oral hygiene during the treatment.

Misaligned teeth, abnormal teeth gaps, and jawbone flaws are common oral conditions caused by poor oral care practices or injuries from accidents. Having these “bad bites” not only puts you at risk to more serious damage like gum disease and tooth loss, but it will soon affect your speech and food intake as well. Fortunately, such conditions can be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

Dental clinics like McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry work with experienced general dentists who are able to provide quality orthodontic treatment to their patients through the gentle dentistry approach. Using the latest technology, highly-skilled staff and hygienists ensure a safe and comfortable dental experience in every visit. With their help, you no longer have to endure the pain of DIY braces because a local general or family dentist in Charlotte is appropriately equipped to handle any case of teeth irregularity.


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