Cosmetic Dentistry

Though the health of your teeth is most important to us, we understand that the appearance of your smile is important, too! Smile improvement can have a dramatic effect on overall appearance and self-esteem.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile improvement can have a dramatic effect on overall appearance and self-esteem, which is why we offer the following cosmetic procedures:

Composite Bonding: When just slight alterations are needed in the shape and color of a front tooth, tooth-colored filling material – composite – can be added by a bonding process. Examples of when this may be needed include a chipped front tooth, narrow or short teeth, rotated teeth, teeth that are slightly out of position, and teeth with brown spots or other discolorations.

Teeth Whitening: Whether your teeth have stained from outside factors or have naturally darkened over time, we all want our teeth to be as bright as possible. However, not all teeth whitening techniques are created equally. Have your teeth whitened safely and effectively in our office to make your smile bright and your appearance young.

Veneers: These wafer thin dental restorations are used to change the shape, size, and color of a front tooth. There are two types of dental veneers. The process of getting a porcelain veneer takes two appointments while the veneer is created at a dental laboratory. Composite veneers are created and placed in one appointment using the technique of dental bonding. Both types of veneers can last several years while giving the tooth a natural appearance.

Inlays and Onlays: Also referred to as partial crowns, these composite porcelain fillings are long lasting and make your teeth appear to be flawless. A dental inlay fills the space between the cusps at the center of the tooth’s surface, while a dental onlay covers more than one cusp or the entire biting surface.


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