If you’d like to impress your friends and family when you smile, a cosmetic dentist can help. Dental cleanings are highly recommended because each treatment will enhance your appearance by improving your oral health. If your teeth are severely discolored or cracked, veneers will benefit you in a number of ways.

Dental Cleanings Can Highlight Your Smile

Over time, a white film will build up on your teeth. This substance is called plaque; if it’s ignore, your teeth will begin to decay. When the enamel wears away, your smile will become unappealing once various cavities develop.

Dentistry Procedures

Without regular dental cleanings, you’ll develop gum disease after an excessive amount of plaque builds up on your enamel. Gum disease is a huge problem because it causes tooth loss. As the disease develops, it will move into the bone tissue that supports the jaw. If the bone gets too weak, your teeth will eventually fall out.

If you’re going to get a dental cleaning, you should still floss and brush your teeth like you normally would. By cleaning your mouth thoroughly in advance, the treatment will be much faster and easier.

Benefits of Wearing Veneers

When patients need fast and efficient results, most dentists recommend porcelain veneers. A typical cosmetic specialist can make sturdy veneers within a few days. If you’re not interested in undergoing a time-consuming dental treatment, porcelain veneers are worth considering because they can cover crooked, broken, or discolored teeth.

Porcelain veneers are made out of a semi-translucent material, which mimics natural enamel. Because the color possibilities are endless, a cosmetic dentist can easily make an appliance that matches each specific patient’s teeth. You’ll enjoy wearing your veneers because the material is very stain resistant. Porcelain is extremely smooth, so coffee and punch won’t ruin the outer coating of the artificial enamel.

Other Available Options

Besides cleanings and veneers, cosmetic dentists also offer fillings, composite bonding treatments, and teeth whitening treatments. A filling is a solution that improves the appearance of a damaged tooth. Bonding is a procedure that corrects short, chipped, or rotated teeth. You may want to get a whitening treatment if your enamel is dull or dark.

By visiting a cosmetic dentistry clinic in Charlotte, NC, you can improve your smile and prevent major oral health problems.


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