It seems that everlasting youth is one of humankind’s deepest desires, with many people willing to try various means to look younger. Modern science offers many treatments from night creams to surgical operations for younger appearances. However, these costly programs may no longer even be necessary with a positive lifestyle and healthy eating.

Oral Health

Dentists have been telling this to their patients ever since: overall oral health affects the condition of the body. In extreme cases, gum disease has been found to cause heart disease and diabetes to many people. Furthermore, having stained, cracked, or missing teeth due to poor lifestyle practices definitely make one look older regardless of the actual age.

A cosmetic dentist in Charlotte, NC from dental clinics like McNulty & Dancausse General Dentistry can perform different restorative procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants to guarantee age-defying natural smiles. These dental clinics have highly-trained staff who ensure that they would be able to meet their patients’ needs and desires using the latest technology. For this goal, dental teams use the gentle dentistry approach for a comfortable experience while being treated.

Advanced technologies like lasers enable cosmetic dentists to perform basic and complicated procedures in their offices without needing to be referred to specialists. Although some cosmetic remediation are restorative in nature, a cosmetic dentist in Charlotte also focuses on the aesthetic nature of the mouth, teeth, and gums, which includes restoring the patient’s youthful smiles.

Regular intake of vitamin C and tea holds the much-needed nutrition to supplement the body’s full sustenance. Individuals with less than 60 mg of vitamin C a day are 25% more likely to have gum diseases, according to a study from a state university. During meals, teeth will become more resistant and strong with a glass of orange juice or cups of either green or black tea for plaque and illness prevention.

The types of food and oral care habits are major factors that influence a person’s shape with age. According to a report, around 25% of adults within 35-39 ages have tooth decay from unhealthy foods like desserts and junk foods. Improving daily routines will be more beneficial not only for younger faces, but for greater physical fitness as well.


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