Composite Bonding in Charlotte, NC

When you need to have your teeth looking perfect for retaining your smile in that interview and when you are with friends, teeth bonding in Charlotte can be a viable option. When your teeth are chipped, fractured or even misshaped, people’s first impressions about you, can go downhill really fast.

Dental bonding provides you with the perfect solution to cosmetic tooth problems so that you are as confident as ever. It’s equally important to note that over or under-bite can be fixed with braces but not with this procedure. This is designed for fixing your individual teeth to look better in that natural set of 32 pearly whites.

Procedure for Dental Bonding in Charlotte

Composite Bonding Procedure in Charlotte, NC

For dental bonding, anesthesia is administered to numb the area of the mouth where the procedure has to be done. This is not even necessary if the bonding is being done to make cosmetic changes. Anesthesia is only applied in dental bonding when you need to have a decayed tooth filled and the tooth’s shape is changed using a drill. Anesthesia is also administered for teeth bonding in Charlotte if a tooth is chipped near the pulp containing nerves.

The tooth surface will be made rough using specialized tools and a conditioning liquid applied to the surface so that the composite resin material correctly bonds to the tooth. The material is applied to the tooth, molded into the desired shape and smoothened. An ultraviolet laser light is normally used to harden and cure the composite resin material bonded to the surface of the tooth.

A bit of further trimming and polish to follow and your tooth looks the same as others. The procedure takes around 30 minutes to an hour per tooth. It is usually painless and for times that the sensitive areas of your teeth are involved for cosmetic bonding, anesthetic is administered to make sure that you do not feel pain and are comfortable with the procedure.

Materials used in Dental Bonding

The bonding materials used in dental bonding are made out of white or natural looking materials made of a mix of porcelain and glass. They sometimes even use acrylic composites. These composite bonding materials are specifically designed, keeping in mind that they need to match your tooth strength. Care needs to be taken after you get bonding done.

What precautions should you take afterwards

Composite procedures require some time to settle. While you may be able to eat hard foods after the composite sets, it’s advisable to have the food after 48 hours. Staining of the resin may happen usually, if tea coffee and cigarettes are consumed straight after the procedure.
You should give a two-day window for the new teeth before you expose them to these particularly staining foods and drinks. Brushing as always is necessary – twice a day! Also have your teeth cleaned biannually by a dentist.


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