Dental Bridges

Everything you need to know about Dental Bridges

People who have one or more missing teeth consider getting dental bridges. This helps boost their self-confidence and makes chewing easier. If you are considering getting dental bridges, the following information will help you take your decision.

Dental bridges:

Dental bridges are a form of false teeth, designed to fill spaces between your teeth – cover up for your missing teeth. They can be invaluably beneficial, both for health and cosmetic reasons.

Dental bridges are created in the correct dimensions, according to the space of the missing teeth. The false teeth that replace the space are called pontics. In majority of cases, pontics are attached to neighboring teeth with the help of porcelain crowns. The crown anchors pontics, creating a fixed, immovable teeth bridge between abutment teeth.

Who requires dental bridges?

Missing teeth bring with themselves a plethora of problems. You should get your missing teeth replaced immediately because teeth that are directly adjacent to the gap suffer from inordinate pressure by the remaining teeth. Thus the adjacent teeth lean unnaturally into the gap because of the exerted pressure, which can affect the chewing of a person. This also causes a haphazard dental structure within a person’s mouth.

The risk of tooth decay and gum disease also increases in people with teeth gaps, since specks of food keep getting accumulated in the space and are more difficult to clean or remove. Some people with gaps also suffer from speech impediment if their condition worsens. Therefore, if you have lost a permanent tooth, you should get a dental bridge from professional Charlotte dentist to save yourself from various dental problems.

The benefits:

The bridges provide a naturalistic appearance to your smile. The fitting process of dental bridges is usually simple and quick for the patient, so you won’t have any worries either. With regular oral hygiene, a dental bridge installed by an experienced Charlotte dentist can last for a minimum of ten years! It will positively affect your dental health as well since the risk of tooth decay and gum diseases will be reduced.

Materials used in dental bridges:

Dental bridges are made from a variety of different materials which basically depends on their purpose. For example, if the purpose is to improve the appearance of a smile, then ceramic or porcelain – that give a natural smile – will be used.

Strength is also an important aspect in the making of dental bridges. Oftentimes, those materials are chosen that combine both aesthetics and strength to provide complete dental health. The most common materials used for dental bridges are porcelain, ceramic, metal alloys, gold and acrylic. However, the decision of the material is to be left to a dental professional and lab technician, who will know, what will work most effectively.

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