Even the most hygienic, careful person can suffer a chipped tooth – after all, this problem is not something that can be solved by rigorous brushing or flossing. Unsurprisingly, chipped or cracked teeth are one of the main reasons why a person will visit a dentist.

More than the aesthetic quality, patients are eager to get their chipped and cracked tooth repaired, as it can also cause extreme discomfort due to sensitization.

Common Reasons for Chips and Cracks

Certain personal quirks can be damaging to your teeth. These include biting hard things like pencils, pens, candies, nuts, ice, or your own nails. Lip and tongue rings can also damage your teeth as well.

You can also crack or chip your teeth when you use it to open things like a beer or soda bottle. Although your teeth are hard, the constant grinding with an equally hard material will inevitably chip them.

If you are not biting any of these things, then it might be that you are grinding your own teeth while you sleep. If that is the case, then purchasing a mouth night guard is certainly worth the investment.

How will you know if you have a chipped or cracked tooth?

While it is true that big chips and cracks are already a cause for alarm and panic, it is the small tooth cracks and chips that are more common cause of discomfort. This especially true with your back molars, which are essential for chewing, as these are most likely to be chipped or cracked.

It is easy to know if you are suffering from cracked or chipped tooth even without looking. If you feel pain when you bite or chew in a certain way, or if you notice your tooth being too sensitive to cold temperature, then chances are your teeth have already been damaged.

It does not matter if the pain is intense or feels just a little sting. Ignoring a cracked or chipped tooth can lead to the more serious dental problem of enlarging the damage or having the tooth breaking off completely.

Since the intensity of pain can vary from extremely painful to something negligible, the best way to diagnose a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth is to schedule an appointment to a Charlotte, NC dentist.


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